Liverpool may 2024

Conference History

Virtual Session

Speaker Institution, Country Presentation Title
Dr.Dibyangana Biswas Biswas Woxsen University,India Hearing the Deaf: A Qualitative Exploration of Happiness, Well-being, Meaning in Life & Transcendence among Adults with Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss
Dr. Gloria Wai Shan Ma University of Oxford,UK Effectiveness of Perceiving Normal and Extreme Outgroups’ Bivalent Emotions in Reducing Infrahumanisation (Or Intergroup Preference)
Dr. Amy Wood University of Liverpool,UK Adolescent exposure to sexualised media online and the impact of this exposure on offline sexual attitudes and behaviour
Dr. Lawrence Ma The Education University of Hong Kong,Hong Kong Applying the virtual drama-based pedagogy (DBP) approach in collegiate Psychology education
Dr.Mahdi Valizadeh Bahar Higher Education Institute, Mashhad, Iran The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in Reducing Marital Boredom and Enhancing Sexual Satisfaction Among Men with Sexual Reluctance: A Pilot Study
Dr.Pattamawadee Sankheangaew Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University,Thailand The Integration of Tao And Confucius Philosophy for Good Life and Wellbeing in Digital Age
Dr. Revelation Matthews Serathi Molokwane Durban University of Technology,South Africa Redefining Strategies for Lifelong Learning Interventions
Dr. Alessandra Cova AIPPS – Associazione Psicologia e Psicoanalisi dello Sport, Italy The Management  of violence  using fencing as a prevention and re-education tool: AIPPS model
Vasiliki Adamou University of Liverpool,Greece Exploring Identity Development and Optimism in the Pandemic Era: A Phenomenological Analysis of Greek University Students
Melisa Schneiderova Prague College of Psychosocial Studies , Czech Republic The Relationship Between Leisure Activities and SuperAging
Neha Rayani Kent and Medway Medical School (KMMS),UK Supporting patients to maximise well-being after treatment for primary breast cancer in Kent and Medway: a service evaluation.
Wenqi Zhao Cambridge University,UK In Silico Analysis of Mutations Along the Amyloidogenic Pathway in Alzheimer’s Disease

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